he Sustart project experiences an innovative social network dedicated to the support of culture through new media.
    Faced with a growing demand for entertainment content, there is an inattention in respect of cultural heritage, whose availability is often inadequate to the demands of contemporary society.
    Therefore, it's essential a renovation of communications, with a full use of the tools of technology and an involvement of the public, especially young, with the offer of new spaces for sharing and interaction with the world of culture.
    The idea is to develop the creation of thematic multimedia, dedicated to cultural subjects, to invent
original forms of expression with also a promotional relapse.
    We often see cases of strangers who become famous by publishing an image, a song or a video: Sustart just wants to support these phenomena, by giving even to the hiding genius the opportunity to emerge.
    So, opening to new forms of entertainment, we offer great resources to the culture, discovering new talents and bringing up the art to make it a reason of meeting and even fun.
    Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the success of this initiative, participating, expressing own creativity and sharing it with friends.
    Sustart sustains the arts: yours too!